Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Running of the Bulls

Up 2-0, the question already is looming on the horizon: can the Chicago Bulls win on the road? This is the same team that went up 2-0 against Gilbert Arenas's Washington Wizards in 2005, and then lost 4 straight. This is the team that went 18-23 on the road this season.

The defending champs were 27-14 at home this season, hardly a stellar mark, but this is the same team (1 year older mind you) that won 3 straight at home last June en route to one of the most impressive finals turnarounds in recent memory. The Heat are down, but they are a long way from being out. Facing must-wins in games 3 and 4, expect Shaq and D-Wade to take their games up a notch. Can the Bulls stem the inevitable onslaught that we all know is coming?

With a bigger and deeper team than ever this year, you have to give the Bulls a fighting chance. They are getting unexpected contributions from Thabo Sefolosha, who's defense is the opposite of the porous cheese bearing his country's name. Tyrus Thomas, like he has repeatedly since the All-Star break, is showing game-changing flashes of talent. PJ Brown and Ben Wallace are giving exactly what was expected of them: hard-nosed defense, leadership, and rebounding.

The Heat are on their heels and the Bulls have to go for the kill, now. Give Riley's bunch any wiggle room, and you will be out of the playoff faster than you can say, well really, the name of any team that the champs have deposed in the last yearm, including as it were, the Chicago Bulls.

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