Monday, April 30, 2007

Warrior Mentality

Up 3-1 over the mighty Dallas Mavericks, Baron Davis(left) and his fearless Golden State Warriors are shocking the basketball world. Better yet, they are doing it with almost incomprehensible passion. Anyone who saw game 4 last night had to have been overwhelmed by the electricity of the Golden State players and the long-suffering Oakland fans. The arena was on fire all night, more so than any other NBA game in recent memory. It was truly a joy to watch and should go down as one of the all-time classic playoff games in NBA history.

First round series aren't supposed to play out like this, not against a giant like the 67 win Mavs. Then again, Baron Davis wasn't supposed to remind everyone why his best game may be better than any other guards best game in the league (yes, that includes you Steve Nash, and you too Dwyane Wade). Then again, Stephen Jackson wasn't supposed to remind everyone how his unrivaled competetiveness and confidence can drive a team in the biggest of games. Then again, Mickeal Pietrus wasn't supposed to remind everyone why a brash and giddy Chad Ford called him "the Euro Michael Jordan". And most of all, Don Nelson wasn't supposed to remind everyone that he may just know a little more than his fawned-over protege Avery Johnson.

If you really love NBA basketball, there is no way you cannot be mesmerized by these scrappy underdogs aptly called the Warriors and their spit-fire, diehard fans. And if you really love NBA basketball, there is no way you would miss game 5 Tuesday in Dallas to see if they can shockingly finish off perhaps the most memorable first round series in league history.

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Wise Lebron said...

You said it Silky this Mavs-Warriors series has been absolutely mesmerizing. This past week I've found myself skipping out on my LeBron's just to get the Golden State preview action on TNT. B-Diddy has been unconcious but what about Pietrous and Matt Barnes. These two have been assasins off the bench draining killer threes, snatching rebounds, and throwing down some nasty slams. Now granted this is just one series (one which will probably end up doubling both these free agents' salaries this summer) but these two have displayed a myriad of skills and energy that teams covet. Maybe, just maybe, Ferry can swindle old Chris Mullin into a nice Pietrous-for-Pavlovic deal. It would get even sweeter if we could snatch Big Z's buddy Sarunas Jaskevisious and stick'em with _amon _ones!